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Terms & Conditions of your Booking

Deposit Payment

  1. Once your deposit payment has been received we will do our utmost to secure your chosen accommodation. Due to the time differences across the world payment of your deposit does not guarantee your chosen accommodation.  We will only endeavour to secure your accommodation once your payment has been received and as soon as we open for business.  In circumstances where we have been unable to secure your chosen accommodation you will be advised accordingly and a full refund will be available provided you do not ask us to secure an alternative accommodation.

  2. If we were unable to secure your first choice accommodation and you subsequently ask to source a secondary option we will find a suitable alternative where possible. 

  3. If you decline the secondary option prior to us securing the accommodation we will refund you in full (subject to point 4 below)

  4. If you advise us that you are not contactable, travelling or imply that we must secure a secondary option your deposit payment will be used to secure any such secondary accommodation.  If you refuse the alternative accommodation once secured your initial deposit payment will not be refunded.

  5. If we are unable to source an alternative secondary option you will be refunded in full

Accommodation Changes

  1. If you ask us to change your accommodation once booked a booking fee may be charged.

  2. If you decide to move out of your accommodation prior to the end of your allocated  stay you will be not refunded  any unused days

Cancellation Policy

  1. In the event that you cancel an accommodation that you have booked a refund of your apartment costs will only be given if you cancel before three calendar months of your holiday arrival date.

  2. If your cancellation is received within three calendar months of your arrival date you will be charged 30% of the total cost of your accommodation plus a booking fee of £12 per person

  3. Cancellation from 29 days to 15 days before check in: we charge 40% of the entire amount

  4. Cancellation from 14 days to 7 days before check in: we charge 60% of the entire amount

  5. Cancellation from 6 days to 1 day before check in: we charge 100% of the entire amount

  6. No show: we charge 100% of the amount

  7. If you imply by email, telephone or letter that you wish to cancel or there is a problem with your reservation and request details of our cancellation policy or you make it clear that you are unsure that you intend to proceed with the booking we will flag your accommodation as possibly available. Once flagged for availability you must advise us within 24 hours of your intention.  If you do not advise us within 24 hours your reservation will be cancelled and no refund will fall due unless point 1 above is applicable.


Cancellation of Cooking Lessons


1, If you cancel a Cookery Lesson prior to one month prior to the due date, you will lose only the deposit which was placed at the time of your Booking, plus any Booking Fee.


2, If you cancel a Cookery Lesson within one month, and without three days notice, prior to the time of your Booking, a charge of 50% of the total cost of the balance will be charged, plus you will lose any deposit paid and any Booking Fee.


3, If you fail to show on the day of your appointed Cookery Lesson or you cancel within three days, you will be liable to the full cost for all participants with that Booking, and no refund will be due. Food for cooking lessons is purchased fresh.



  1. We accept no liability what so ever during your stay in any of the accommodations we provide. We act solely as agents and introducers to apartment owners and potential customers.

  2. We accept no liability if you do not arrive at your accommodation for any reason.  

  3. We accept no liability where we suggest a Wine Tour, Activity, Excursion, Restaurant, Gelateria, Train journey or any other eatery or trip


Cinque Terre Vacations


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