Riomaggiore - Cinque Terre, Italy


Riomaggiore is the first village of the Cinque Terre when entering from the south side. The brightly coloured houses in Riomaggiore are hanging from the hills as is by a miracle, a truly spectacular sight to see. These houses are known as tower houses and are usually 3 or 4 floors high with just two rooms to each floor, making the design very narrow and vertical. 


The name Riomaggiore meaning 'major river' comes from the days when a major river ran through the village. This river is now paved over and has become the main road in Riomaggiore. High up in the village there is a church 'San Giovanni Battista' built by the bishop of Luni in 1340 and if you venture even higher up onto the hill of Cerrico you will see the Castle of Riomaggiore which dates back to 1260.


The walk from Riomaggiore to the next village 'Manarola' is very easy, the path is called the 'Via Dell'Amore', a lovely stroll with beautiful views and a bar half way with seating on a grid above the sea. Riomaggiore has a good selection of restaurants, it also has an ice cream shop and a grocers. There is a rocky beach which is located on the east side of the village, it has showers but no other facilities. 

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