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Walking in Cinque Terre

Even the most ardent car enthusiast will certainly be back for more once tasted the fresh Italian air from the top of the Cinque Terre hills.

As Cinque Terre is designated a National Parc there is a small fee during peak periods for some of the more popular walks from village to village. However there is still plenty to be seen and endured for those not wishing to spend the amounts the National Parc charge. 


We found one of the more common free routes is that from Monterosso to Levanto. This particular walk is possibly easier from Levanto towards Monterosso as the steepest part is then downhill. Generally this walk would take around two and a half hours although for the fittest it could of course be completed in much less time. The pictures on the right include one of the views descending from Levanto into Monterosso. As can be seen from the path this is one of the more strenuous walks. 
For those wanting to try the easier approach we would suggest walking from Corniglia to Manarola, generally around thirty to forty minutes a much less arduous walk and suitable for children in our opinion. 

Expelling the Cinque Terre Myth

Many of our web visitors try to book one night in each village, they plan to hike from village to village, staying one night in each. Well this is absolutely NOT NECESSARY.  Choose one apartment or room and make this your base. From here you can hike from one village to the next, the most ardent hiker can often get between two or three villages in one day, very easily. Then when you have finished hiking you jump back on the train and return to your base apartment. The train service is extremely regular and takes only five minutes from one village to the next.


Hike Times:


Monterosso - Vernazza - 2 hrs


Vernazza - Corniglia - 1.5hrs


Corniglia - Manarola - 1.15hrs - (Path Currently Closed)


Manrola - Riomaggiore - 0.25hrs - (Path Currently Closed)


Monterosso - Levanto - 3hrs


Monterosso - Our Lady of Soviore 1.45hrs

A selection of Walks, Steps & Hikes across Cinque Terre




Looking for somewhere Special to stay in Cinque Terre? 









Apartment 24 Corniglia


Apartment 24 in Corniglia has to be one of our most favoured apartments, this luxurious all year apartment has Air Con, Heating, WiFi, PC, Internet Phone, Jacuzzi, Sky TV, Washing Machine, Fridge, Cooker. What does it not have.  


This apartment is thoroughly recommended for couples wishing to get away from it all for a few days or perhaps two weeks. This stunning apartment would also make an ideal honeymoon apartment. 


In the heart of Corniglia this accommodation in Cinque Terre would also suit a person who just cannot be away from communication so perhaps a business person.

Cinque Terre Vacations


We also offer Cooking Lessons


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