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Restaurants in Cinque Terre

Cinque Terre has an abundance of superb restaurants and eateries offering delicious traditional ligurian dishes, some like the il Ciligeio Montersosso offer stunning views. You will be spoilt for choice whether it be eating out for breakfast, lunch, dinner, just a snack or even a delicious italian ice-cream in from one of the many gelaterias or bars.  
The typical ligurian cuisine is based on the true mediteranean diet using fresh seasonal ingredients such as vegegatables, herbs,olive oil,fish so not only is it extremelly delicious it is also healthy. You will find all types of fresh seafood available in Cinque Terre including Bream, Cuttlefish, Octupus, Calamari, Seabass, all types of Crustaceaus and of course Anchovies prepared in many different ways.  It is said that the seafood caught in this area is the tastiest you will ever eat due to the very rich algae and strong currrents found in the sea here. 
There are in fact over 200 ligurian dishes all based on frsh local ingredients.  Cinque Terre specialities include Pesto made with locally grown fragrant basil leaves, Vegetable Tart, Minestrone, and specialitty breads such as Foccacia and Farinata. With so many Cinque Terre restaurants and eateries positioned close to the sea and in beautiful piazzas and pituresque surroundings dining out at any time of day is atmospheric and a truly special cultural experience.

Dress Code


The dress code for 99% of Cinque Terre restaurants is casual, although when going on holiday we all like to take plenty of clothes for the evenings dining it really is not necessary in Cinque Terre restaurants. Due to the abundance of walkers and hikers you are sure to find plenty of people in shorts, trainers and boots. Of ocurse in the evening maybe less boots. From our experience diners are often to busy looking at the lovely food on offer as opposed to what people are wearing. 

Looking for somewhere Special to stay in Cinque Terre? 

Ocean View

Ocean View





Apartment 29 Riomaggiore


Looking for an Ocean View apartment? Look no further! Apartment 29 in Riomaggiore is certainly an apartment for sea view lovers. This apartment has four windows every one an ocean view. Set high over looking the sea and Riomaggiore (steps inevitable due to its location), this luxurious all year apartment has Air Con, Heating, WiFi, PC, Internet Phone, Sky TV, Washing Machine, Fridge, Cooker. 


This apartment is thoroughly recommended for couples wishing to get away from it all for a few days or perhaps two weeks. This stunning apartment would also make an ideal honeymoon apartment. 


In the heart of Riomaggiore this accommodation in Cinque Terre would also suit a person who just cannot be away from communication so perhaps a business person.

Cinque Terre Vacations


We also offer Cooking Lessons


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